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I am in the _ _ _ _ years _ _ _ _ month _ _ _ _ days pre-production, recommended by a doctor, to the XXXX years _ _ _ _ month _ _ _ _ days ahead of labor, especially from XXXX _ _ _ _ month _ _ _ _ began to leave, for a period of _ _ _ _ _ days, please lead to approve, thank you!


_ _ _ _ years _ _ _ _ month _ _ _ _ day

Because of events or disease no school or to work or participate in activities, to the related personnel leave a note, taking a leave of absence or call to call.

Note format by the title, name, text, several components, specific writing methods are as follows:

three words written in the first line of the middle position.

Address: second lines written in the top who to leave. Write receipt addrea person with the general epistles. Are generally to the boor the teacher for leave. The specific wording in the surname followed by position, such as" director Chen"," King section chief"," Zhang", use a colon after.

Abstract: writing clear off this, leave the starting and ending time. In the third line two write. Finally, often to" please leave"," best regards"," grateful" wait for diction end.

Inscribe: sign and date the same general epistles. In the lower right on leave name. The name below the mark of date of leave.

To write a good excuse. Must pay attention to the following points : 1 reason for leave to specific clearly, not equivocation, ready to accept either course. If encounter unexpected things too late to leave, please leave a message to the receipt. If it is known in advance what should advance to the relevant staff leave, get approval. General leave people should not have level off. The data must be written clearly, to facilitate the staff planning. The leave on holiday / full should take the initiative, to do not have to recover.

Please leave a

Teacher wang:

Today, because of my grandmother was seriously ill, with parents to visit, ask for leave one day.

Sincerely yours


Student: Li Binbin

X dated

Students write their own class, to leave the subject matter and the time to write clearly, to meet the requirements.


Your clastudent Sun Hao, due to a sudden high fever and vomiting, to the hospital for treatment. Today 's absence from school. We take.

Sincerely yours


Parents: Sun Zhengping

Parents: Sun Zhengping

X dated

By the elder generation children write. Cause and time to write clearly, accord with the requirements for writing.


I ask for sick leave of two days, but still not recovered, he can't go to school, need to continue treatment, had to extend leave two days, hope can be approved.

Sincerely yours


Student: Yang Fan

X x dated

Sometimes, the situation is very special, need to continue to leave, written contracts. The note to meet the requirements.


Excuse shall include the following several parts: in the first line of the intermediate should write " excuse".

Format [ ]

1 middle headline" excuse".

The 2 leave the object name. To the top to write, and in the back with a colon.

The 3 leave reason. To another line, two down. The main stated reason and please leave long false.

The 4 leave the start-stop time.

5 greeting words.

6 for signature.

The 7 leave time. The text written on the bottom right of the.

Leave a record record format ( in cla)

Name: Bedroom: telephone:

Leave to address:

Leave to sites contact:

Leave for:

Back-to-school time: batch people expected:

Note: a note with a black pen or ballpoint pen to write, by the same day for students to write to monitor after signing to the clateacher. Without leave to unauthorized school leavers.

The monitor will leave for a unified collect and record, the Committee of discipline to monitor office leave situation will make the evaluation request for leave writing paradigm

It is going to work or participate in various activities, but because oneself are occupied or physical reasons not to work, to attend the activities, to the departments or manager, this is taking a leave of absence.

For example:

Taking a leave of absence

The school party branch:

Because the mother of acutely ill, hospitalized, I cannot attend the week of Saturday lectures and other activities, please approve.

Zhang Daming


Examples of reference [ ]

Taking a leave of absence

The XX training center:

Because of our staff of the General Assembly held on the evening of January 10th, no person shall absent, so I can not return to training late in January 10th. We take, Ken hope approval!

Sincerely yours


Bank of China Haizhu branch

Operating the Department of Liu

In January 8th XXXX

Note writing / leave school.

From this a few days leave the situation, the students of claleave proceis still not very familiar with, here the claoff proceand leave samples to back out, hope that we don't have anything you do not understand.

Leave: leave people flow - > monitor ( vice monitor ) - > class

Explain reason for leave, for fill to monitor, approval and filing

The approval application

To leave to the clateacher

Taking a leave of absence

Dear teacher:

Hello! I am 06 levels of electronic commerce specialty under the claof students, because of, need to take ( time ) from, to place, for leave during contact:.

I guarantee that the trip of personal and property safety, will not delay the study course and any group activities under the premise, ask your permission, thank you!

Monitor ( vice monitor ) views:

Teacher comments:

Signature of applicant:


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